Why Pursue a Career in Public Health ?

Public Health means addressing the health needs of the people at a population level. India, a land of 1.4 billion people have health needs like in any other country but face huge challenges from wide range of issues ranging from demand-supply mismatch, poverty, education, inequity, basic needs including safe water, air etc. to name a few. Each state in India has different demographics, different population composition with different yardsticks of development. While some as called as 'BIMARU' states such as Jharkhand, Bihar, UP etc. others are labelled as developed such Kerala, Karnataka etc.

In the last 70 years of India's existence the issues of Public Health, have attracted least focus and attention since public health in the scheme of welfare model were limited only to a very few limited resources. Nevertheless, people have also not demanded for it. But currently in the 21st century, and especially post 2020, India is facing stiff challenges from multiple fronts on the health front and especially after the CORONA pandemic.

The health crisis in the Public Health Domain has been exposed out and clear leading to a dire need of public health professionals who understand the complexities of the system, help not only in policy making but can suggest economical solutions for the matters concerned.

Therefore AIHMS under the aegis of Aswein Foundation, by means of Masters in Public Health (MPH) program which is offered from Government University aims to create a vibrant and knowledgeable cadre of such public health professionals who not only can address the critical issues of public health problems effectively across the country as well as internationally.

Globally, for more than a decade, the Public Health discipline has caught attention worldwide and has emerged as a convergent area for all specialties in field of development and health sciences. The 2 years Masters in Public Health (MPH) program is meant to develop qualified public health policies and programs at all levels and devise appropriate strategies to meet emerging challenges.

The 2 Years MPH program from NAAC accredited Govt. University is focused to develop public health practitioners fro varied disciplines who have exclusive knowledge and skills of community diagnosis, ability to design strategies to enhance community health and showcase exemplary leadership skills in public health administration.


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