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Healthcare is a complex domain. A robust healthcare system requires able functioning of structure, processes and functions, in which the NGO's and the civil societies are an important component. As an extension of its philosophy to be able to provide workable economical solutions for the health problems of vulnerable communities at large, Aswein Foundation has a key strategy to collaborate with emphathetic, positive, like minded organizations and agencies who like to work selflessly to provide desired support for the needy populations across the globe.

As a part of such an initiative, Aswein Foundation has collaborated with e-chikitsak (a pioneering Telemedicine platform) to provide COVID-19 treatment support in form of teleconsultations, guidance , help through their team of medical and allied health professionals across various cities of not only India but also elsewhere required.

What is Telemedicine ?

The field of Telemedicine is comparatively a new one in the country and involves using electronic platforms for the purpose of connecting with the needy population so as to provide clinical and health services and support to patients without an in-person visit. It can be used effectively for follow-up appointments, long term illnesses management, speciality care management, second medical opinion as well as and the use of prescription including a range of other support services can be accessed remotely through secure video and audio links.

Fully deployed telemedicine ecosystem have the potential to increase the quality of health services by maximum utilization of constraints recourses like doctors and hospitals while reducing the cost of availing the healthcare services by citizens.

What all areas Telemedicine can provide support ?

It can facilitate not only follow-up visits, chronic disease management such as for diabetes and hypertension, specialty care management etc. but also help to sustain support groups for special needs that can be reached securely using audio and video connections.

In this fast moving world where everyone is busy, accessibility to health services are marked by many challenges including time constraint, distances, lack of human resources etc. the digital teleconsultation platform can help to resolve many of these problems effectively while providing scalability and sustainability of the model in the long term.

How can the e-chikitsak.asweinfoundation Telemedicine Platform can help me ?

There are some major bottlenecks in the delivery of health services involving various stakeholders. The telemedicine platform of joint collaboration between e-chikitsak-asweinfoundation will help to resolve the following challenges faced by different stakeholders.


  • Significant Health concerns (Covid19, TB, malnourishment...)
  • Travel 10-500 km for right advice
  • Spend INR 40k-100k before right diagnosis
  • Get inaccurate diagnosis ~50% of the time
  • Little support for chronic conditions


  • Usually do not have access to patient history
  • Incomplete knowledge of community health situation
  • Long work hours, high patient loads
  • High cost of training - pressure to earn

Health worker:

  • The first line of health for large fraction of India
  • Limited skills,
  • `Little' support'
  • 'Private' workers practice illegally, err in advice

Community Health / Administration:

  • Little or unreliable data on state of community health
  • Affects health policy, delivery & response plans
  • Affects treatment strategy & efficacy
  • Medication compliance and awareness is limited

So, the Digital Telemedicine platform can help and fulfill all the needs described above to ensure, for each stakeholder:


  • Improve patient access to advice, quality of advice
  • Help patients with better support during emergency
  • Support long term care of patients

Health Provider:

  • Real time history for better patient support
  • Support remote patient care
  • Improve patient care processes
  • Improve pre-visit and follow up patient care processes

Government Agencies:

  • Improved outreach and follow up
  • Improved utilization of current infrastructure
  • Improved support to long term care, community health
  • Potential for improved health intervention strategies

  • How to reach the platform and seek consultation ?

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